What is the difference between GPL, AGPL and LGPL licenses

  1. GPL, also known as copyleft, grants permission to reuse or modify the source code to make derivative works, but if you distribute your program to others, it requires you to license your derivative work under the GPL too. E.g. you have to make the.
  2. Bei der GPL besteht nur bei der Weitergabe der ausführbaren Datei ein Rechtsanspruch auf den Quelltext. Die AGPL schließt dieses Schlupfloch, indem sie auch den Anwendern, die die Software über ein Netzwerk nutzen, eine Downloadmöglichkeit für den Quelltext garantiert. Lizenztex
  3. The GPL license does can not enforce cloud applications, only when the project has been deployed to a user's system must a derivative project be open-source. The AGPL license covers this loophole by stating the code must be accessible by any users that can in any way interact with the code base including website or web services
  4. Not so with the AGPL. This hole in the GPL is often called Application Service Provider hole. Search for Why AGPL or AGPL vs. GPL or just read this for some real projects who have problems with GPL. The MongoDB tries another interesing thing. They want that people do not fork the core DB (thatwhy AGPL) but the driver which has to be linked with the main programm is apache 2.0 licensed so.
  5. GPL: you have to release source code if you link against and distribute the binary, but don't if you just provide a service; AGPL: you have to allow the source to be downloaded even if you never distribute the binary but do provide a service; i.e. your understanding of the LGPL is probably correct but your understanding of the AGPL is very wron
  6. Both the ordinary GNU GPL, version 3, and the GNU Affero GPL have text allowing you to link together modules under these two licenses in one program. The GNU Affero GPL does not address the problem of Service as a Software Substitute (SaaSS). SaaSS means that users use someone else's web server to do their own computing. This requires them to send their data to the server, which does their.
  7. Solange man GPL- oder AGPL-lizenzierte Komponenten oder eigene Software, die auf solche Komponenten aufbaut, nicht verbreitet, sondern nur hausintern verwendet, ist man nicht verpflichtet, irgendwelche Rechte zu gewähren. Folglich sind alle internen Verwendungen unbeschränkt und harmlos. Ein typischer Fall etwa ist das Aufsetzen eines Linux Servers. Der Linux-Kern ist unter der GPL.

MIT vs. Apache vs. GPL. This is a guest post from Exygy's long time counsel Joseph Morris. Check out his latest feature: Open Source Software in Government: The Intersection of Two Public Goods. Among other things, we are often asking Joe about software licensing issues. We recently had a discussion about whether to recommend MIT, Apache, or GPL to one of our nonprofit client's for their. Soll der Copyleft-Effekt (→ Wann muss eigenentwickelte Software unter der GPL lizenziert werden?) auch auf die ASP-Nutzung ausgedehnt werden, muss die Affero General Public License, Version 3, (AGPL) verwendet werden, die sich nur in diesem Aspekt von der GPLv3 unterscheidet. Nächste FAQ: Wann findet die GPLv2 Anwendung und wann die GPLv3 The AGPL is almost identical to the GPL, except for this addition to Section 13: Notwithstanding any other provision of this License, if you modify the Program, your modified version must. The Affero General Public License (Affero GPL and informally Affero License) is a free software license.The first version of the Affero General Public License (AGPLv1), was published by Affero, Inc. in March 2002, and based on the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPLv2).The second version (AGPLv2) was published in November 2007, as a transitional license to allow an upgrade path from. Vorherige Nachricht (dieses Gespr chs): [linux-l] AGPL vs. GPL (was: Einladung zum Vortrag: 9.10. - Der kleine Rechtsabend - Dr. Till Jaeger) N chste Nachricht (dieses Gespr chs): [linux-l] AGPL vs. GPL (was: Einladung zum Vortrag: 9.10. - Der kleine Rechtsabend - Dr. Till Jaeger) Nachrichten sortiert nach: [ Betreff (Subject) ] Hallo, On Fri, Oct 12, 2007 at 10:22:21PM +0000, Peter Ross wrote.

Small wonder, then, that some companies that license their code under the AGPL internally describe it as the Amazon GPL. AWS, for example, has made orders of magnitude more money from MySQL than. Die GNU General Public License (kurz GNU GPL oder GPL; aus dem Englischen wörtlich für allgemeine Veröffentlichungserlaubnis oder -genehmigung) ist die am weitesten verbreitete Softwarelizenz, die einem gewährt, die Software auszuführen, zu studieren, zu ändern und zu verbreiten (kopieren).Software, die diese Freiheitsrechte gewährt, wird Freie Software genannt; und wenn die Software.

The GNU AGPL in other formats: plain text, Docbook, LaTeX, standalone HTML , Texinfo, not a version of the Affero GPL, but Affero has released a new version of the Affero GPL which permits relicensing under this license. The precise terms and conditions for copying, distribution and modification follow. TERMS AND CONDITIONS 0. Definitions. This License refers to version 3 of the GNU. When I review a side-by-side diff of the GPLv3 and the AGPLv3 the only significant change seems to me to be this addition in the section 13 of the AGPLv3:. Notwithstanding any other provision of this License, if you modify the Program, your modified version must prominently offer all users interacting with it remotely through a computer network (if your version supports such interaction) an. External links. Official website for GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL).; Smith, Brett (November 19, 2007). Free Software Foundation Releases GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (Press release). Smith, Brett (March 29, 2007), GPLv3 and Software as a Service - also includes info on version 2 of the Affero GPL. Kuhn, Bradley M. (March 19, 2002) If a GPL-ed software is used to run a device, the manufacturer must make the installation information available so that a modified version of the software can be made to run on the same device. This means that with GPL negates any possibility by the corporations of making their changes to the GPL-ed codes and releasing their product without releasing the source codes. This is very good to.

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  1. ently offer all users interacting with it remotely through a computer.
  2. The differences between the GPL, LGPL and the BSD. April 6, 2007; Peter Upfold; There are a lot of different open source licences out there, and it can sometimes be a bit confusing if you're not intimate with the details of each one. So here's a quick roundup of three of the most popular licenses and the difference between them. Just a quick disclaimer - I'm not a lawyer, so don't depend on my.
  3. There is a world of difference between GPL and AGPL. My experience with AGPL is that any corporate lawyer who looks at it first faints, and then demands company-wide banning of touching any AGPL software with a 10 meter pole. GPL will get you users, and lawyers rarely care. AGPL will get your software banned under penalty of getting fired
  4. Furthermore, the new patent clause attempts to protect the user from the consequences of agreements between patent owners and licensees of the GPL that only benefit some of the licensees (corresponding to the Microsoft/Novell deal). The licensees are required to ensure that every user enjoys such advantages (patent license or release from claims), or that no one can profit from them
  5. GPL vs. BSD (?) by Matthias Posted on Bei Webanwendungen ist das mitunter ein Problem, wofür die AGPL geschaffen wurde) Die GPL-Lizenz forciert also insgesamt die Freiheit des Codes. Die BSD-artigen Lizenzen ermöglichen es der Firma, jegliche Änderung am BSD-Code als Closed-Source zu behalten, ein Veröffentlichungszwang existiert nicht. Einzig die Autoren der BSD-Software müssen.
  6. GPL vs AGPL? Autor: cyro 05.08.11 - 20:54 Die AGPL ist mir nicht geläufig. Was ist den der wesentliche Unterschied zwischen der GPL und AGPL? Wenn man das schon in der Überschrift bringt, könnte man ja wenigstens mit einem Absatz drauf eingehen. ////\\\\ - Indie-, Retro-, Hobbygames. Der Blog auf www.asamakabino.de - ////\\\\ Re: GPL vs AGPL? Autor: H-D-F 05.08.11 - 21:27 cyro schrieb.

GPL vs LGPL The main difference between these two licenses is the LGPL license can be freely modified by anyone, and doesn't require the modifications (i.e. modified source code) to be re-distributed. It's perfectly legal to only distribute the binaries from your changes, and never share your source code 因为 gpl 要求,使用了 gpl 代码的产品必须也使用 gpl 协议,开发者不允许将 gpl 代码用于商业产品。lgpl 绕过了这一限制。 bsd. bsd 在软件分发方面的限制比别的开源协议(如 gnu gpl)要少。该协议有多种版本,最主要的版本有两个,新 bsd 协议与简单 bsd 协议,这两种协议经过修正,都和 gpl 兼容,并.

Among the two GPL is the basis of open source software for programmers. LGPL is used for software libraries, versus the execution files of GPL. GPL offers a wide range of potential improvements for the entire programming community. LGPL has the potential to be transferred into GPL terms Differences between GPL and LGPL when using licensed software. Aug. 31, 2018, 11:29 a.m. By Marek Olejnik. Software licensed with any GNU license can be used and modified everywhere, without any restrictions in private and even in corporate environments. You can do whatever you want: modify, compile, link statically and dynamically. When, for.

GPL 协议:即通用性公开许可证(General Public License,简称GPL)。GPL同其它的自由软件许可证一样,许可社会公众享有:运行、复制软件的自由,发行传播软件的自由,获得软件源码的自由,改进软件并将自己作出的改进版本向社会发行传播的自由。 GPL还规定:只要这种修改文本在整体上或者其某个部分. The GPL vs. The MIT License: Which License To Use. A great many developers, myself included, believe that it is important to spend at least some time contributing to open-source software projects. These projects will hopefully be licensed (if you haven't got a license on your open-source project, you're doing it wrong), to ensure that your contributions are used in the way you (or the.

what is the difference between the GPL and a GPL at least the main difference is that as we're saying it has to do with distribution the AG GPL takes it a step further so let's say you write a piece of software under the GPL code I take it and I'm using it on my webserver on the back end as a PHP code or a Python code running on the server it just outputs information so the end-user. Suchen Sie nach Why AGPL oder AGPL vs. GPL oder lesen Sie this für einige echte Projekte, die Probleme mit der GPL haben. Die MongoDB versucht eine andere interessante Sache. Sie möchten, dass die Leute nicht die Kerndatenbank (das ist AGPL), sondern den Treiber, der mit dem Hauptprogramm verknüpft werden muss, über Apache 2.0 lizenzieren, damit die MongoDB in kommerziellen Anwendungen. Applying copyleft to SaaS to remove this gap was addressed by the GNU Affero GPL version 3 of 2007 ('AGPL'). 13 The AGPL is identical to GPL3 except for clause 13, which states that making software available over a network triggers the copyleft: if you modify the Program, your modified version must prominently offer all users interacting with it remotely through a computer network (if.

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That was the conclusion of Matthew Aslett's analysis of recent data from Black Duck Software, which shows that while use of the GPL, LGPL, and AGPL set of copyleft licenses dominates free and open. AGPL also cannot target ill-manned modifications of the source code that make the software almost impossible to install in a compatible/usable way, while making the tool totally incompatible with upstream. Good luck there. AGPL is not used in almost any SaaS, probably not even GPL for big products. The reason is, SaaS is very profitable. For FOSS Web applications, the GPL is out and the AGPL is in, unless you don't really believe in FOSS. And of course the same debate is occurring from the opposite perspective. Is the clarity the AGPL brings to Web applications good or bad for site owners? And is your conclusion based on . Dynamic Drive Forums > Community > The lounge > Software Licensing - AGPL vs GPL vs etc. PDA. View Full.

The difference between the AGPL and traditional GPL is simple: The AGPL seeks to close a loophole that allows a company or organization to modify GPL'ed software and use it to provide a service. Es handelt sich hierbei nicht um eine rechtsgültige Festlegung der Bedingungen für die Weitergabe von Software, die der GNU GPL unterliegt; dies leistet nur der englische Originaltext. Wir hoffen jedoch, daß diese Übersetzung deutschsprachigen Lesern helfen wird, die GNU GPL besser zu verstehen GPL vs. LGPL vs. AGPL Restrictive licensing GPL - products LGPL - libraries AGPL - network services Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising AGPL adds the 2(d) clause to the GPL which (generally) says the following: If you started with some AGPL software that included a download a copy of the source link/button (which CiviCRM does), then you must keep that download facility intact. Further, that download facility must offer not only the original code you received, but the code base as a whole as it's being used, including any. Moving from GPL to AGPL is possible because AGPL only adds a publication requirement for additions to AGPL code. Simply put: If I add AGPL code to GPL, the next code added needs to comply with both GPL and AGPL, but as then only major differnce between the two is the publication requirement, one can just comply with AGPL to comply with both

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The Free Software Foundation considers the Apache License, Version 2.0 to be a free software license, compatible with version 3 of the GPL.The Software Freedom Law Center provides practical advice for developers about including permissively licensed source. Apache 2 software can therefore be included in GPLv3 projects, because the GPLv3 license accepts our software into GPLv3 works When the copyleft AGPL was first published, many leaders in the open source community had something to say about the issue of a supposed loophole in the GPL open source license that allowed SaaS companies to integrate GPL open source libraries without sharing their code. This loophole was intentionally left in version 3 of the GPL due to the fact that letting users interact with a piece. Der freie Spamfilter Dspam erscheint künftig unter der AGPL und nicht mehr unter der GPL. Das aktuelle Dspam 3.10.0 verwendet die Datenbank Mysql 5.5. Mysql bis 5 Odoo 8 wurde unter der Affero GPL Lizenz und Odoo 9 / 10 unter der Lesser GPL von der Odoo S.A. in Brüssel herausgegeben. Sie unterliegt einem so genannten Copyleft, d.h. die Bearbeitung der Software darf nur unter den gleichen Bedingungen, also wieder mit einem Copyleft weiter lizenziert werden. Dies gilt für AGPL. Bei v9/10/11 also. Hi, I just noticed that you changed the license from apache to gpl or agpl: 45186a1 In the README it's written GPL but in the license file it's written AGPL. Is there a chance to keep this great library under a license without a strong c..

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Nicht so bei der AGPL. Diese Lücke in der GPL wird häufig als Application Service Provider bezeichnet. Suchen Sie nach Why AGPL oder AGPL vs. GPL oder lesen Sie this für einige echte Projekte, die Probleme mit der GPL haben. Die MongoDB versucht eine andere interessante Sache. Sie möchten, dass die Leute nicht die Kerndatenbank (das ist AGPL), sondern den Treiber, der mit dem. GPL vs Permissive licenses: what does the data tell us? Now that open source is mainstream, Curcuru argues that licenses like the GPL actually hinder many modern business models from profiting as much. It's simple, he said. Permissive licenses allow many more business models to work. And people simply aren't going to be as interested in sharing their GPL code anymore. I believe in the. I license all my personall stuff under the GPL and AGPL (where applicable) and dislike the permissive licenses (MIT, 3 clause BSD, X11, Apache) because they allow people to take your stuff and never contribute back. I prefer strong copyleft licenses that force you to contribute. Here is a good article going into permissive vs copyleft licensing Ohhhh, now I get it--this is an attempt to make modify in the AGPL mean something different from modify in the GPL itself, such that you can do things that would be considered modifying in the GPL (and hence trigger copyleft) and claim they don't constitute modifying for purposes of the extra proviso in the AGPL (and hence won't trigger copyleft), so you can incorporate AGPL code into. Thus the GNU Affero GPL v3 stipulates that any adaptation of software that it covers must prominently offer its source code for download to users who interact with it over a network. In addition to this condition, the AGPL v3 also explicitly permits software to be created by combining code which is under the GPL v3 and the AGPL v3. In this case the resulting software would be under a.

Applying copyleft to SaaS to remove this gap was addressed by the GNU Affero GPL version 3 of 2007 ('AGPL').[xiii] The AGPL is identical to GPL3 except for clause 13, which states that making. Dies gilt für AGPL. Bei v9/10/11 also LGPL kann ein Modul als AGPL, LGPL oder in einer proprietären Lizenz vom Entwickler herausgegeben werden. Eigene Module, z.B. Apps sind solche Bearbeitungen und müssen bei v8 auch nach der Affero GPL lizensiert werden. So wird die grundsätzlich kostenlose Lizenz der Software insgesamt sichergestellt. Ab.

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MIT vs GPL, BSD and Custom licenses. What is APACHE LICENSE? What does APACHE LICENSE mean? APACHE LICENSE meaning & explanation; How to license your free software with GNU GPL v3; What are GNU GPL , GNU LGPL and MsPL; Linus Torvalds says GPL v3 violates everything that GPLv2 stood for. GPL LGPL BSD MIT EULA MADNESS AGPL Ghostscript is provided under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL), as well as under an Artifex commercial license. For more detailed and complete information on the AGPL please visit the GNU web site. This page is intended to provide a summary of information that developers and companies may find useful in understanding licensing options available for Artifex products. It does. AGPL is like the GPL (if you distribute your program to others, it requires you to license your derivative work under the GPL too), but the GPL is only triggered if you distribute your derivative work. AGPL broadens this to trigger to activate if you let people use your derivative work over a network.' Link to post Share on other sites. ahoeben 1,100 Posted July 12, 2017. ahoeben. fieldOfView. That means you are free to download, reuse, modify, and distribute any files hosted in Drupal.org's Git repositories under the terms of either the GPL version 2 or version 3, and to run Drupal in combination with any code with any license that is compatible with either versions 2 or 3, such as the Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3

This is not strictly compatible with Piwik's core license, GPL v3, as it hinders software maintenance (e.g., refactoring between the two), and may affect the adoption of Piwik. Under the AGPL, a Piwik instance is obligated to provide the source code modifications of any AGPL component (by nature of the network interactiion clause, e.g., piwik.js request to the server's tracker plugins) The AGPL makes it clear that if someone receives GPL Ghostscript only in its AGPL-licensed form, they only have a right to distribute it if they comply with the AGPL. Artifex Software, Inc., as the copyright holder, takes this requirement very seriously, and will, if necessary, take legal action to ensure that anyone distributing GPL Ghostscript with the AGPL complies with the conditions set. Side-by-side comparison of GNU AGPL v3.0 vs. GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 - Spot the differences due to the helpful visualizations at a glance - Category: License - Columns: 2 (max. 3) - Rows: 1 I did ELI5 for AGPL vs GPL. Close. 8. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. I did ELI5 for AGPL vs GPL . on request from another reddit discussion, here's what I wrote: GPLv3: I don't have to pass on the freedoms because I didn't convey the software. I just am running my own copy on my own machine and letting other people use it by connecting to my machine over the internet. AVPLv3: Damnit. AGPL GPL is a strong copyleft license, but it suffers from the ASP loophole (Cloud) => 4 freedoms are only enforced if distributed AGPL was created to fix this, by adding the Section 13 provision: Copyleft applies as soon as users are interacting remotely with the program. LGPL GPL is a strong copyleft license, but lacks a linking exception => Unsuitable for libraries, such as the C lib LGPL.

Microsoft's license is not like the GPL/AGPL in that there can be many random parties to it. There's not 10,000 forks of Windows each with a different rights owner who might hop out of the woodwork looking for a quick buck. The only relevant parties to their EULA are you and MS. If you are an enterprise doing existing business with MS (i.e. you aren't already pirating Windows), you simply aren. Neither the GPL or AGPL prevent making a profit from the software, they just require that you make the source code available to your users. Indeed s Red Hat have so ably demonstrated it is quite. http://filmsbykris.comhttp://www.patreon.com/metalx1000This video was sponsored by:Karl ArvidJohn Tedesco - http://stainlesssteeltoolwrap.com/Steven C. Morre.. § 7.1 discusses the key differences between GPL and LGPL compliance. 3 There has been much legal discussion regarding copyleft and derivative works. In practical reality, this issue is not relevant to the vast majority of companies distributing GPL'd software. 4 However, these programs do often combine with LGPL'd libraries. This is discussed in detail in § 7.1. 5 If you would like more.

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GPL code authors ARE obliged to give access to their source to their direct customers and only them. They have no obligation to the rest of the world or original code authors. This 'obligation' is pretty standard in the software world as is giving full software ownership to your customer. Remember majority of software development is custom made for only one use(r) mode. So GPL doesn't. GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) vs Apache 2.0 Showing 1-10 of 10 messages. GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) vs Apache 2.0: Michael Mayer: 11/28/18 10:41 AM: Dear contributors: Robert Sprunk (who's also on this list) recently suggested switching from Apache 2.0 to AGPL in order to prevent abuse. I see the use of AGPL for dual-licensing, like Pydio or Nextcloud do it, to be able.

On Wed Jul 23 18:56:13 2008, address@hidden wrote: > I do not quite well understand the AGPL text, but Im willing to make > available a messaging server (something similar to, say, a SMTP server) > and I want to provide it with the best license for the users. > > Is AGPL appropriate for this kind of program, or is it only relevant > when there is direct user interaction (website for instance. Someone can easily understand that the AGPL is not by itself enough to provide all the freedoms a user must have in cloud computing or SaaS. A combination of the above 3 features is much more effective and can guarantee the user with his freedoms. GPL license models are being threatened by the spread of cloud computing and software as a service. Those who did not could use the new GPL v. 3. The Reach of the AGPL. For a significant period of time after the AGPL was released, very few software programs utilized this license. That is beginning to change. On a widely known website for open source projects, SourceForge.net, the five most popular software packages licensed under AGPL were downloaded over 19,000 times in the week that this. GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991. Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 US Software Licensing GPL AGPL BSD MIT APACHE EULA. July 13, 2019 by Justyn Bahringer 41 comments on Software Licensing GPL AGPL BSD MIT APACHE EUL

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  1. This license, commonly known as the GPL, has two versions that are actively and widely used in many open source communities: GNU General Public License, version 2 (SPDX short identifier: GPL-2.0); GNU General Public License, version 3 (SPDX short identifier: GPL-3.0); If you have licensed software you've written under GPL version 2, and you are the original licensor of that software, you may.
  2. Is it GPL, not AGPL, that is the recommended license for web apps? Or am I correct in my suspicion that the advice given at that link assumes JS *libraries*, and that the choice of GPL for JS libraries is intended to achieve a similar result to applying an LGPL license to a client-side library? If I'm correct, and AGPL is the optimum license for extending full copyleft protections to whole web.
  3. But times have changed, he argues. It is no longer an 'us' vs. 'them' scenario, meaning the open-source community vs. commercial corporations, he said. The top ten open-source projects today are managed by Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, Habusha explained, noting that 60 per cent to 80 per cent of every modern application's software stack consists of open-source code. Nowadays, the scenario.
  4. As used herein, this License refers to version 3 of the GNU Lesser General Public License, and the GNU GPL refers to version 3 of the GNU General Public License. The Library refers to a covered work governed by this License, other than an Application or a Combined Work as defined below. An Application is any work that makes use of an interface provided by the Library.

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Lesser General Public License: A Lesser General Public License (LGPL) is a license for open-source software that allows for provisions for including elements of free software in either free or proprietary software. Lesser General Public License is sometimes referred to as Library GPL or GNU libraries, and some associate it with the idea of. Those enterprises that did not ship technology products, in other words, had nothing to fear from the GPL. Not so with the AGPL. The Affero General Public License was created to provide a version of the GPL with this loophole closed. Any modifications that are deployed in a network context need to be made available under the terms of the original license. Advocates of the AGPL or similar. The Software Freedom Conservancy alleges VMware is using GPL-licensed code in its proprietary products. VMware disagrees. It's time for a judge to decid

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  1. AGPL is a close relative of the GPL, the copyleft license created by Richard Stallman. Copyleft means that the license allows for the free distribution, use, and modification of copyrighted material (in this case software), with the stipulation that those same rights extend to all derivative works; that means that any project built using GPL code must itself have a GPL license. This is.
  2. 编写和发行这些程序是很有用的,这样人们就可以用它们建立非saass服务,并且可以在AGPL下发行它们。 Both the ordinary GNU GPL, version 3, and the GNU Affero GPL have text allowing you to link together modules under these two licenses in one program
  3. AGPL is very similar to GPL, but it's designed to enforce the same rules pertinent to software distribution online rather than through traditional means. Two drafts of the GNU AGPL were published this summer, and the FSF heard comments on both through its Web-based feedback system. The GNU AGPL is very much a community license, said Peter Brown, executive director of the FSF. The feedback.
  4. The exact differences between the AGPL and other licences can be found here. A very interesting exception related to the GPL licence is the the classpath exception which basically states that independent modules included in a lib can produce an executable, regardless of the license terms of these independent modules, and one can copy and distribute the resulting executable under terms of.
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This choice of GPL vs AGPL depends on the response to my email to the Free Software Foundation: I've looked on the FAQs but they're quite scarce on questions about the Affero license, presumably because it's generally similar to the standard GPL except that use as a networked service is also covered as conveying. One question that I was hoping to get answered which seemed to be missed was. The GNU Affero General Public License or GNU AGPL is a free software license published by the Free Software Foundation. The GNU AGPL is similar to the GNU General Public License, except that it has an additional section to cover use over a computer network. It closes what is commonly known as the Application service provider loophole of the GNU General Public License Tags: agpl (13) Sort by: Date / Title / URL. Get Your AGPL Buttons for Free Network Services | rejon is Jon Phillips. 13-10-2010 to agpl, autonomous, freesoftware, fsf, networkservices by mako. django-agpl - tools to aid releasing Django projects under the GNU Affero GPL « code « lamby. 02-11-2009 to agpl, autonomy, django, freesoftware by mako. OpenSourcing - Launchpad Development.

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  1. The most widespread use of GPL is in reference to the GNU GPL, which is commonly abbreviated simply as GPLwhen it is understood that the term refers to the GNU GPL. One of the basic tenets of the GPL is that anyone who acquires the material must make it available to anyone else under the same licensing agreement. The GPL does not cover activities other than the copying, distributing and.
  2. Mako Hill said, The GNU GPL has been the most successful free software license because it makes a program's source available to its users. This enables massive collaboration between developers, since everyone gets the same benefits from this rule. The GNU AGPL will enable the same kind of cooperation around web.
  3. d, strong copyleft would grant a better protection, because linking the covered files with other works would.
  4. Also as an contribution to the discussion of GPL vs. AGPL, in my oppinion we have two different use cases: * classic programs - Author writes a spreadsheet program - some company customizes the program and ads support for a proprietary file format o uses it internally o sell it for revenue The GPL works fine here because whenever the company tries to generate some revenue of their changes they.
  5. On 07/05/2014 18:59, Bas Wijnen wrote: > >>> * texlive-bin (texlive-binaries) >> >> Actually with this one is worst, since the LPPL is not compatible with >> the GPL, lets not even talk about GPLv3 or AGPLv3 :-/ > > If it's incompatible with the GPL and the way they distributed it was > acceptable, then I can't see why anything would have changed now. > texlive-bin uses the software (gs), As.
  6. gnu affero general public license. discussion draft 1 of version 3, 31 may 2007. this is a draft, not a published version of the gnu affero general public license
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A copyleft license, including any version of the GNU GPL or GNU AGPL Precisely how this works changed between GPL version 2 and GPL version 3. With GPL version 2, published in 1991, a violator automatically, immediately and permanently loses the license to distribute that program. There are no exceptions. To get the rights back, the violator must ask the copyright holders for restoration.

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