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  2. Hide and Seek (IkeSen Masamune) What's better than a scavenger hunt on your day off? One that promises a very sweet reward. A merry Christmas to the most awesome and spectacular @canismajorflowershop!! I consider myself lucky that we're friends and am so happy to have had the honor to write this fluffy fluff for you ♡ In the morning, Masamune awoke alone. He rolled over, seeking the heat.

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Hideyoshi + punch, like I wanted to do to his face when he made a comment on Kenyo's scar! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚ Look, Hideyoshi started, choosing his words falteringly. I-I said that out of a place of-a.. I can't hide. No way. I came to help. (+4:+4) ikemen sengoku ikesen walkthrough masamune date. 60. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Whatsapp LINE Email. previous post. Walkthrough - Liar! Office - 9th Liar. next post. Walkthrough - Ikemen Sengoku - Yukimura Sanada . Related Posts. Walkthrough - Ikemen Sengoku - Kennyo December 20, 2020. Taisho x Alice and. I like IkeSen TW's last line—that resolve to show the world who Mitsuhide really is ties in with the ending more. IkeSen TW (translated): (I think I finally understand Mitsuhide, if only a.. If you like what you're reading feel free to jump down my Master List for all of my other Ikesen works, or you can check all my stuff out on AO3. I also, if you feel so inclined, have a Ko-fi floating around the interwebs. Prompt: Modern, Mitsuhide + Mitsunari, Pancake (carrots) party, fluffy-comedy-angst - @darkmindsthinktwistedthoughts. Warning: none. Mixed Up. This had definitely been a.

IkeSen: Hideyoshi Birthday Event Review [SPOILERS] Okay. I'm feeling kind of salty about Hideyoshi's birthday event because half my event friends list stopped being active after hitting 6k Glamour points. Ugh. That aside, this was such an amazing and fun birthday event! In the first timeline, Absolutely No Charming People, Hideyoshi returns from a military campaign on his birthday to. Willkommen bei IKEA. Entdecke preiswerte Möbel und Einrichtungsinspirationen für alle Budgets und Räumlichkeiten. Du kannst online oder in einem Einrichtungshaus in deiner Nähe einkaufen

You should be able to find this and all of my other Ikesen works chillin' like villains on my Master List! WARNINGS: Due to the nature of these stories I would like to advise everyone to read at your own risk. Elements of Horror below. Please keep this in mind as you read. Nonny Request - Trick (Sengoku), Kennyo, glow stick, abandoned building. Harmless. I had always wondered what had drawn. So here we were trying to hide that there was going to be a party, while also enlisting your help to create decorations. It was silly. ikemen sengoku ikesen ikésen ikémen sengoku ikesen ieyasu ikesen one shot ikesen short story short story my story life's been rough i'm very busy and this was about all I could manage today. ikesen drabble. 21 notes . 21 notes Sep 22nd, 2018. Reading anything involving IkeSen Nobunaga is always such a treat. I absolutely love his relationship with MC. In this event, after an offhand comment that MC makes regarding sangria, Nobunaga, amazing adorkable warlord that he is, has Portugese sake (i.e. wine) and rare fruit delivered to his castle, so they can make sangria together. Which is convenient, because snake-lord Mitsuhide.

another Hide for @kiarigirl, just because she is so awesome, and I owed her another one. Ref: The men of Yoshiwara - Takao Steam card. ikemen sengoku hideyoshi toyotomi ikesen hideyoshi ikemen series Gentleman of the night fanar Ikemen Sengoku Ikémen Sengoku IkeSen IkéSen IkéSen JP IkeSen JP IkeSen Keiji New Route, 83 notes it's one he's all too happy to let slide this time for the sake of keeping his actual reason hidden. So, the day of your supposed break rolls around. You, the incarnation of sunshine and rainbows, end up like a newborn puppy, of course; you're bounding up on the day, pumped and ready. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'hide' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,.

One seems a little leprechaun-ish to me but Hide would still rock it because he's also pretty extra with his wardrobe choice. Mitsunari/Mitsudarki Ieyasu Masamune. Artistic friends please bless us Mitsuhide. Our resident kitsune proved to be the challenge of the Oda. I really wanted to find something that integrated both blue and purple accents tastefully for a formal affair but came. You ask her coldly, trying to hide the fact that you recognized her immediately. You had begun to work at this museum of sciences a year after the disbanding of Overwatch and you lost touch with Moira. You had never thought you'd see her again after all of the rumors that had spread about Blackwatch and her research, you had given up any hope of continuing your relationship with the. Artbreeder Ikesen Guys (U+T Forces and Motonari/Kennyo) Oda Forces Ranmaru, Yoshimoto, Kichou, Naoe Kenshin, Shingen Sasuke, Yukimura Motonari, Kennyo @burntrice-bubblete Shingen hides practically all his true motives behind a smooth-talking facade, which, as a straightforward woman, MC does not appreciate. There's an ongoing war with the Oda camp, and when Shingen decides to use MC as bait to draw out/weaken the enemy forces, MC is understandably furious and worried for her friends. Then, of course, there's the biggest secret/reveal of all: Shingen's. IkeSen TW: Steampunk Event Relationship Map (Translated)! ~Please don't repost this image!~ Getting this out before I start posting scenes from the steampunk event so people know what the context... light and lavender — IkeSen TW: Steampunk Event Relationship Map... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. light and.

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His Reaction when. MC: Honey.. I.. Want a baby again.. Nobunaga : Alright. I'm all ready in the futon *smug smirk shit face* Hideyoshi : Eeeeehhh- O/////O *smudge his papers* Masamune : But I'm your baby though Ieyasu : *clatter all of his bowls of herbs* Mitsunari : *didn't hear MC, eyes drowning in a book, still* Mitsuhide : You are the baby already ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡^ You can find all other IkeSen works of mine here. NOTE: This was from a Live Write! Join me next time! ALSO: There is some implied nudity and distinctly Bi-Undertone Shenanigans involved in this. Credit to @darkmindsthinktwistedthoughts for the suggestion. Hide-Hide who? It was just like them to get way out of hand. What started as a simple party was rapidly becoming the setting for their. IkeSen Discord Server in source ~~~~~ Creaky? Time to wake up, sleepyhead. His words, seemingly directed at the curled up figure in their futon, was met with silence. Straightening his haori and giving himself one last visual check, Hideyoshi then strode over to their bed, preparing to whisk his lover out of their sheets. Although, the individual in bed seemed to have other ideas. Right when.

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